Care instructions - ZOLYA

How to look after jewellery

The most important thing is to pay attention to how you store your jewellery. Remember, to store jewellery you need a dry and dark place and to not expose it to oxidation, that is, to change colour. To avoid scratches take off your jewellery before doing any work around the house as well as store each piece separately in sacks. Gold plating jewellery is sterling silver 925, gold plated. Gold plating last longer but it should not be compared to real gold. The gilding is not permanent and several factors affect it, one of which can be the ph of the person wearing the jewellery. Be sure to avoid contaminating jewellery with perfumes, strong anti-dandruff shampoos, hair sprays or other cosmetics that can affect the gilded coating. The gilding has been tested at the beach, pool and sauna with a positive result. Avoid wearing jewellery in the bath, shower or soaking the bracelet while washing hands. Minimalist jewellery is modest and delicate so remember to take it off before doing anything that might expose it to breaking and dents. You should remove jewellery before going to sleep, especially necklace and bracelet. Pay special attention when you reach into your handbag or pocket so you do not break the bracelet. Once in a while we recommend cleaning the jewellery. To clean sterling silver 925 you can use , toothpaste, silver cleaning liquid or a special silver cleaning device. Take care of the jewellery as you would your own skin, hair and nails.

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